Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Way They Mess With Me Since I Have Been Doing City of Angel

Okay, this is complicated, and it could be paranoia, except I'm conscious that it could be paranoia, have analyzed it, and can only come to this conclusion.

My 21 year old daughter, on her way to work Thursday night stopped at a friend's, lost her cell phone, and around 7AM next day I tried to call her (she works overnights).

The recorded sound in her cell phone instead of the ringing noise was not her usual music, but the sound of her voice-


going "glub glub glub" gurgling, my daughter's voice, bubbling, like she was underwater. Like someone was holding a girl's head underwater, or making the sound of Lizzie's being held underwater.

That horrible sound! I left a message saying, Lizzie, that is one weird sound.

I was working that morning, and worked about a half hour more, then thought, I must have dialed the wrong number, dialed again, and this time the usual musical message played instead of the phone ringing noise, it was Lizzie's music back in place.

And this time a guy answered.

Her friend "Al" who lives a few blocks west. He said, Yeah, Lizzie lost her phone last night, and just about fifteen minutes ago my neighbor found it outside, and knocked on my door to give it to me.

They returned the phone to him, after I heard that horrible sound.

But he had looked all over outside his apartment the night before trying to find it.

I know someone was messing with me. They recorded that sound, got Lizzie's phone, kept it overnight until I called her, had me hear that horrible sound, then got the phone returned fifteen miutes later to her friend.

It was her voice, it sounded like my daughter being drowned.

I'm not imagining this. Someone was messing with me, got me real scared. I messed up the job I was doing that day.

I just have to keep telling myself, they are Catholics first, they don't believe in murder, right?

Up until now, I've always said City of Angels is not going to stop until the story is written, no matter how they threaten me. Like my friend C says, hey, even after we are dead we are going to haunt the hell out of these guys.

But don't bring my daughter into it.

That is so low, and I hope my posting this here will help keep it from accelerating.

I hope the bad guys are up to no more more than threats and intimidation, I hope they wouldn't sink to actually carrying out one of those threats ...

Weird. Creepy. I will never forget that sound.

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