Friday, April 30, 2010

Corruption and Lack of Accountability All Over the Place

Do you believe this?

"It was London-based BP, with quarterly profits that rose to $6.1 billion from $2.6 billion a year earlier, that was the lightning rod for ire over huge earnings in the midst of a deadly and growing disaster."

From L.A. Times today. when we are realizing the extent of damage in the BP Oil Spill. Off Topc, but point is, there is a reason for Oversight. All corporations put profit above human needs. The thing that destroyed the Catholic Church was when it went corporate. They then created the Catholic Pedophile Priest Disaster with hundreds of thousands of children damaged to keep the church from losing business.

BP Oil cuts overhead thanks to the removal of Oversight, i.e., regulation, under the Bush Administration, and BP profits soar, more than ever. Then their blowout on an oil rig destroys the Gulf Coast.

Oversight is not a Commie plot.

Oversight is the Goal of efforts to investigate the Church internationally and as a U.S. Federal Case. We gave to make a federal case out of it and create a way to have oversight, because no institution that gets this close to families and children should operate without someone over them who knows what they are doing.

So their crimes end up better reported than treatises in Latin sent to the Vatican.


I think the only way to get accountability in your religion for Catholics is to drop out and join a Baptist Church or something nondenominational. In local churches that I've gone to for decades now, the members vote on everything, in endless monthly meetings, endless and dull meetings, yes, but they don't just give the problem to the priest, who passes it to the monsignor, and then criminal activity ends up being written up in Latin to be hidden in the Vatican.

Catholic members of churches should just take over the churches, buy them at real estate auctions, and continue Church, without the Vatican.

In a New America with Oversight of Religious Institutions.

Catholicism is ingrained in the Dark and Middle Ages, its practices just don't work in a world where people watch out for each other.

Thank God.

God does not limit himself to Catholic Churches, that's one of their many lies.

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