Monday, April 19, 2010

Not a Smoking Gun & SNAP Did Not Move to Nevada

First we have to run this Correction. The information we got that SNAP moved in 2007 from Illinois to Nevada is not true. We did finally find a way to see their IRS 990 forms and here is 2007 and 2008, 2009 is not yet available.

Wonder what all the fuss is about, why SNAP did not just send these pages to City of Angels when we asked, when, as far as I know, it is illegal to refuse to release this information when someone requests it.

Whatever, add it to the piles of unanswered questions about SNAP. We found the information and posted it here, for the sake of truth and transparency.

None of it is all that revealing, not even anything to be secretive about. If you want to see the entire form with all the details, email me at and I'll send you the link.

SNAP should learn: If you answer people's questions, they don't become suspicious.

Anyway, here is the information a lot of people have been asking me about. It's up there, now.

SO what else is going on.

POST NOTE: SNAP should just publish these docs on their website. If they are calling for transparency from the church, then should run SNAP with transparency.



  1. Why should they respond to loose cannon like you? This the puny response to your SNAP moving to Nevada stupidy? You have harmed survivors.

  2. No. SNAP should have communicated with me from the beginning, not treated me like a "loose cannon" which I am not.

  3. Anonymous...
    I do not know why you find it necessary to act so childish and make remarks about the level of Intelligence of Kay and her reporting . Aparently your insecure because that is the only type people whom have a need to BULLY. Kay has done a wonderful job reporting the Facts all the Facts as she finds them along with her own personnel spin on things . What have you done Other than say mean things . Grow UP . We the people whom read what is here obviously enjoy what information relayed here. So If You Dont Like it that is your prerogative and your free to exercise it ELSEWHERE. As we the survivors of abuse have had enough ABUSE as it is please do not contribute more ABUSE. .. oh AN THANK YOU KAY FOR WHAT YOU DO HERE. it takes a great deal of dedication for which you DO NOT GET PAID and that is truely NOBLE and I am glad you do what you do .
    George Rucker Rape Survivor

  4. Interesting. "Loose cannon" and "harming survivors" are two direct quotes from the whisper campaign SNAP board members carried out on me after Super Bowl Sunday, when I had the audacity to write something that was not a PR Puff piece blindly praising SNAP.

    According to this and many critics of CofA, we are all supposed to be good Catholics and believe everything said to us without question.

    You can't expect that of survivors of pedophile priest rape, you'd think a support organization for us would know that.

    Why not just post these financial docs on their website, instead of feeding a paranoia about their finances that ends up being reported here, because there is no other place to report it.

    Transparency from the start would have prevented this whole problem.

    Don't tell me to just repeat what SNAP says and believe it is true. I don't do that for anyone.

  5. Kay, thanks for the great site, as always.

    As to the loose cannon stuff....I'd ignore it. I think some of the SNAP folks seem to feel that there are survivors, and then there are *SNAP* survivors.

    Survivors lead dull, boring lives, but SNAP survivors lead exciting and fulfilling lives.

    Survivors do what they can to manage their lives and issues like PTSD as best they can, they mainly try to pay the rent, the mortgage whatever....

    *SNAP* survivors don't merely get by, they thrive!

    They attend *SNAP* survivor conferences, go on *SNAP* survivor cruises, participate in *SNAP* survivor workshops, and protest in exotic locales like Rome.

    Well, we can't all be SNAP survivors, some of us just don't have what it takes..but then again, if we could, they wouldn't be so special.

    Now THAT'S being a loose fucking cannon!

    One does wonder why SNAP took so long to come out with these docs? SNAP was initially asked to do this over two years ago. Maybe now that the vatican is feeling the heat... SNAP has been told to behave???? Who knows.

    You're quite right though, SNAP should have been practicing it's own advice and had these docs on their own website all along... But oh well, for a mere $150 bones you can have your pic on SNAPs site.


  6. Oh SNAP did not give me the docs, I found out about a website, Guidestar, where anyone can see non profit docs. Any legitimate non profit would post financial docs on their website, SNAP makes you go out and find another way, just like it makes survivors go out and find another way to get help.

    Since many nonprofits were able to become secret under the Bush Admin, people now have to create watchdogs to watch over the watchdogs.

    By law SNAP had 30 days to send docs to me after I asked. I asked in Feb 2008. And again last February. After 31 days I requested again and they said, "We do not have to send you anything," or words to that effect.

    I still have the email from saying "We do not have to send you anything."

    So, yeah, I got these docs through the Internet, SNAP has never given them to me, or treated me like anything than an irritant.

    See, City of Angels is not part of the SNAP template that was created in 1988 to maintain control of the story and the victims. They so wanted me to go away, and they have tried so hard, and it just hasn't happened.

    GO figure. Would a genuine organization formed for victims keep trying to beat down City of Angels?

    Doesn't make sense to me at all.

    Nothing out of the Church makes sense.


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