Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Anger Management Notes April 27th

Got to get past the thing that is making you angry, some people call this "forgiveness," I prefer to call it resolution. The pastor who runs this class says, "Think of all you did and God forgave you, gives you another chance always," but "we're not God," so we can only strive for that.

Point is holding onto the anger acts as an


holding you back and keeping you down.

Me, I say, when you see something that keeps happening and keeps making you angrier and angrier, you have to turn the anger into laughter, find a way to make it funny.

Anger and Laughter, same degree of passion, same expulsion of energy, much different end results.

I am learning to make humor out of this evil that will not go away, and does not stop, no matter how many statements the V's make to the media.

So I'm thanking God right now for giving me ALL THIS GREAT MATERIAL to make into comedy.

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