Saturday, April 10, 2010

Marijuana Fumes Come In My Window

I swear, I opened the window just now and the smell of marijuana is everywhere, outside, in the L.A. atmosphere.

It's a foggy morning, the air is still. There are MedMJ dispensaries within blocks of where I live, several of them, actually. I live right in the middle between Sunset Boulevard and Hollywood Boulevard and there are shops within blocks on both streets. The law says, walk at least a block from the dispensary before you light up, no smoking right outside the door.

So the patients probly park their cars on my street, buy their medicine, then walk back here to my block, and light up.

Maybe that explains it.

On a foggy morning like today, a sick little old lady in L.A. only has to stick her nose out the window to get pain relief and suddenly feel 25 years old again.

Nice change after all those years of smog...

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