Monday, April 19, 2010

This May Sound Paranoid But

I am not the author of everything that shows up here. I can come here and find things posted that I did not write.

SOMEONE has found a way to enter my Blogspot editing space and post things here. They are also accessing my saved drafts that aren't published.

ALL I CAN SAY IS, everything you read here may not have been written by me.

I just discovered this three minutes ago. I'm not sure how or what to do about it, just want to write here, now, THIS IS REALLY KAY EBELING WRITING THIS, and I don't know how everything that gets on here gets on here...

stay tuned.

just trust your instincts...



UPDATE: A few minutes later

I just checked for Help with Blogspot and this seems to be the answer:

"There are a few ways to "hack" your blog, or your Blogger account. Understand what the possibilities are, then try to secure yourself."

That's life in the Ethernet, folks, nothing is secure, and trust no one.

And don't turn the computer off for a day to do other stuff as that is the day they will hack you,

Guess even on days off I have to monitor everything.
It's not that difficult to hack in here, I am finding out at the Blogspot Help place. Changing the password does not make a difference. Hacking is common here at blogspot, just like anywhere else, and all you can do is be careful... It's not a bank, so no one seems to even be getting alarmed about it.

It's a blog.
I just have to be more vigilant and go back and read things after I post them, to make sure they have not been "edited."

That's life in the twenty-first century.
THis is not the first time weird stuff like this has happened.

On 8, when I post a post with the word Pope in it, the paragraphs get all jumbled, I have to keep re-posting and re-posting, entire words and phrases show up that I DID NOT TYPE IN.

Then there was the mystery of why my ads got canceled, something someone did on the blog while I was at the SNAP conference in Chicago in 2008.

It's not unbelievable, it's to be expected, it's probly some Opus Dei creep with too much time on their hands.

Let it pass.

REAL WAY TO DEAL WITH hacking security problems, is to always be totally honest, never lie, then it doesn't matter what people hack in and find out.

No Secrets.

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  1. Look around the corner someone is watching you.


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