Friday, March 26, 2010

What a Strange Coincidence... Robbed of our Birth Certificates, neither of us can travel for months

Another of the adult victims who is verbal like me said they would have gone to Europe too but about a month ago they were robbed of just one item, an envelope with their birth certificate in it, when they were taking it to a government office. My friend said the envelope was snatched out of the hand by a thief who then ran off. So that survivor is now waiting for a new set of documents ... and efforts to get a passport have been put off by months.

I got a chill when I heard that, because some time between last September and now my birth certificate left my home somehow, nothing else was stolen but my documents. The Birth Certificate and original SS card were in an envelope in a safe place, put back there last September after needing them, then GONE last week when I needed my ID papers again.

My friend and I both may have wanted to go to Europe to get arrested at the Vatican too, but would not have even been able to try it, as without our ID documents we cannot even apply for passports.

It's just funny that two people who are independently vocal on this issue would have the same things stolen from them around the same time, preventing us both from being able to travel for a while... we both have other valuable things that could be stolen, we both were only robbed of our birth certificates...

My friend was going to a government office where they had asked for the documents to be brought in. Me, I have a 21 year old daughter with a variety of friends from farflung places who come through the apartment all hours of the day and night. I already made one of her boyfriends last year as an agent of some kind and he disappeared after I mentioned it, he was looking too closely at things, his story didn't add up...

Anything can happen to you when you write on this topic, it could just be free lance opus dei types agitating on their own, it could all be run by the Vatican. I like to document it all here, as someday maybe in ten years, it will reveal a pattern.

Good morning, everyone, personally I am tired of reading about the Pope and the CDF myself, not tired, but getting kind of numb, like how much evidence do people need. The story I am working on now for a future post is about serial sodomy of a young boy, and the details of these crimes are becoming redundant.

I won't be satisfied until I see some kind of international court seek real justice and prosecution of people who let children get raped like we were.

AMAZED at how much media is just spitting out what other reporters write. We are living in the world of copy and paste news dissemination.

At City of Angels we ALWAYS write what has not been reported in most other places. When I was in J school we were taught NEVER repeat what other reporters have written as that is not NEW, as in Not News. We were taught to throw away press releases as they were just pap from a corporate flack, good for little more than a phone number and address if you need it.

Watching news about this issue and the Pope and all of it, past few years, it has been amazing how aside from the New York Times, most other publications are just running wire copy. Not even attributing it sometimes, just lifting paragraphs and rerunning them as their own.

At age 8, I got a printing press for my birthday and started a neighborhood newspaper, putting one little rubber letter at a time into the columns and producing full pages of stories. At a Bible Study recently someone asked what would you be doing if you were there when Christ got executed. I said, I would have a scroll and pen and be writing it all down.

Can't fight your DNA.
good morning
Did 4 SNAP guys getting arrested help get the Wiscon deaf school story out? I don't know about that, I think the New York Times did a good job of getting out that story, with or without the SNAP arrests ...

Did you notice, though, that SNAP released the arrival of the whole crew in Rome in a press release, all the names, almost with a flight number and time of arrival, they were getting that information into press releases last week.

Then they were detained and taken off to talk to... ?
good mid-morning...

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