Friday, March 19, 2010

2 Journalists on their own try to get out whole story of Pope collusion and coverup of pedophile priest crimes

So it was just me and Jay Nelson, trying to get our small unfinanced voices into the news, last weekend, releasing the part of the story where the Pope was involved in collusion and coverup of pedophile priest crimes since at least the turn of the century.

SNAP ignored the CDF in its 30-plus press events last weekend. As a result only CNN in the UK and one or two other media reported on the Pope's years of having judicial review of pedophile priest sex crime charges when he ran the CDF (Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith).


Jay and I got the information out as well as we could, ignored by Abuse Tracker as always for Jay, since last Super Bowl Sunday for me. When I stopped writing PR puff pieces for SNAP and instead started reporting what they really do, City of Angels got Banned from Abuse Tracker. Go figure.

That means nothing we've reported at City of Angels 8 and at AlterNet since Feb. 7, 2010, has gone into the Bishop Accountability database through Abuse Tracker, even though many stories in the past weeks held facts that are not being reported anywhere else.

If anyone is really paying attention, notice the Vatican as well as everyone else is putting the focus on ONE CASE in Munich where Ratzinger may have helped a perpetrator priest transfer to a new territory.

That, my friends, is very professionally employed Spin.

Put all the focus on one small case, and divert attention as well as you can from the real criminal activity.

Of course brainless mainstream media fall for it, as most reporters don't have time anymore to do more than read a press release, after the way news staffs have been cut in the past two decades.

But those of us who have been watching pedo-priest events for several years should be able to see through media spin.

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