Thursday, March 25, 2010

Truth Out...

The real reason I'm not covering hearings in L.A. Superior Court is I don't have five dollars for a Metro Day Pass. There has been almost no work on my job, I barely make the rent each month, pay the utilities, then... stay in my rental and use the utilities for a month. Go for walks. We often go without food as well but I've learned to be grateful for that, we both needed to lose weight. I got tired of asking for money to support this work through PayPal as most of the people who ever sent high fives were people I knew really didn't have money themselves, people with young children. So I quit asking. I figure City of Angels is like an ongoing audition. Someday someone will stumble across it and contact me for a book deal or a screenwriting job and I'll finally be able to move out of the slums. I'd like to be going to the Courthouse and just buying documents, they're all down there in the Archives, at fifty cents a page. But lots of these docs are hundreds of pages. Like I said, I can't buy a Bus Pass most weeks. This is truly a humbling experience. I grew up in houses with swimming pools in towns like Forest Hills, New York, and San Marino, CA. Today each month, we pay the bills, then dangle by a thread. My daughter gets sick but can't afford the copay to see a doctor after paying for her insurance. That has happened to her at least three times in six months. Me, I still only go to an L.A. Free Clinic and have never seen a real doc in years. My teeth are all rotting in my mouth, I have learned not to open my mouth too much when I smile or talk or I gross people out, I can see it on their face, they look at my teeth and go wretch. It is in these conditions that we produce City of Angels. We don't get paid by anyone for anything and if we ever get any money again, you will start to see documents from the 510 L.A. Clergy Cases be scanned in here, as we've tried to do but as I said, it's fifty cents a page. The "movement" invested in four people to travel to the Vatican for a few weeks... and those documents sit in L.A. Superior Court archives unread because City of Angels does not have bus fare. So maybe I'm just full of sour grapes, but face it, wouldn't you be, too?

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