Friday, March 26, 2010

V Prophecy

"They are arming themselves with the best weapon out there."

"What weapon is that?"


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(Except I really hope female FBI agents wear more fabric and cover themselves more in blouses than the characters here, it's TV. Barbara Blaine reminds me of Anna.)

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  1. Bob Schwiderski, ever lurking, ever dull and humorless, writes re this post:

    "Yup - more fascination with make believe. Knock, knock the real world is not where you are looking. Knock, knock anybody there?"

    This is the guy who is on the SNAP website as a regional director for the upper Midwest.

    His emails to me, as he continues to hound me with his endless brainless mis-reading and mis-quoting and just not getting of what I write ... not the biggest amount of brain matter between those two ears. But a lot of "devotion," again proving my point.

    WRITE IT HERE, Schwidumpski, where people can read it, stay out of my email.


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