Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Strange things happen to you when you write a blog about Catholic priest sex crimes...

This morning, just after putting up a post that got LOTS of hits, the cable guy knocks on my door.

He's standing there with another guy, they stare at me. The one in front I recognize as he came to our house about a week ago for a bad modem.

They stare at me. "Didn't you have an appointment, your cable, is it out?"


I perked, wished I'd washed my face and primped up a bit this morning, but the door usually doesn't get knocks until afternoon.

They stared at me for a while, it was weird, then said, oh well must have been a mistake.

I closed the door, but then out walking just now, realized, it could have been a cop, undercover working for anyone, got the cable guy- who are not always honest characters, I know from experience- to help him come to my door, so then with a hidden camera in his clipboard or whatever,

They got pictures of me, even interior of my home through the front door.

Honest, they were peering into my apartment as I said, No, I don't have an appointment.

It could have been someone undercover working for anyone. Luckily, I got nothing to hide, everything I write comes from truth and integrity, it's the Church that has been telling lies for decades about the Pedophile Epidemic among Catholic Priests.

Still, it's strange. The cable guys always call five minutes before they come, always.

They never come in twos.

They hesitated way too long and peered too far into my door for me to feel right about their little visit.

It could have been, a PI paid the cable guy to let him dress up and look like a second cable guy and then he had a camera in his sleeve or collar and shot video of me squirming at my front door.

Hopelessly paranoid after a few years listening to and researching to the crimes of the Catholic Church

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