Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dear Charlie Sheen

I think you would get this story. Because you were raised in an oppressive Catholic family and then grew up to be a sex addict with other bizarre behavioral symptoms, I think you would understand the need to get the story told of the pedophile priests in the United States, by someone outside the Catholic Church or mainstream media. See I’ve been watching your performance in public, not as a fan, I'm more your dad’s age, but as one of the survivors of pedophile priest rape who’s been paying attention to the issue nationally. Charlie, you show all the signs of being one of us. I'm just waiting for you now to be clean and sober finally for two years in a row and experience the recovered memory that many of us have, of one of those Jesuits your dad hangs out with taking you around behind the altar one day and banging you. It usually takes a period of sobriety first before remembering something like that

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