Saturday, January 2, 2010

Found these cool photos from 1969, click to enlarge

In pursuit of the priest, this confused, compulsive girl came to Hollywood, where she was on her own from age 17. Hollywood is a tough enough town. See what innocence I still had left below.

It didn't take long.

I went from sending these photos to agents and getting legitimate work to showing up at Pretty Girl International Agency on Sunset Boulevard to get work in porn movies and magazines.

Within months I made the transition.

In 1969

A strange year in and of itself.

A girl like me, full of sexual compulsions after being raped by a priest at age five, I just fell into the porn market like it was God's will in my life...

This potentially innocent 20 year old girl in Hollywood, instead, look at what happened... Well I guess I still have to tell that part of the story...

Keep reading here at City of Angels 2.


"I Had Intrusive Thoughts, Nine Times"


You're fine, you're smiling, you're in the kitchen where you can’t hear the TV and all of a sudden you're in another place.

This time it’s thinking

All those times

I should have been asking for money when I’d pick up men on the streets of West Hollywood.
They sometimes told me they were looking for a prostitute, and were surprised I wasn’t one, when I got in their car to have sex for free. I’d grin back, saying, no it’s me, your fantasy, Little Annie Fanny with brains.

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