Thursday, December 10, 2009

I was already a borderline wretch, then created this situation, this great job I do from home, which creates incredible isolation, which makes me more wretched.

This job where I am showered with work, literally showered, I download it off production company websites, they shower work into my computer.

Then I'm strapped electronically at home here, seventh day in a row today with 10-12 hours of work. This is because come Christmas everything will shut down and I will have no work at all. So it's not like I can plan a vacation with the extra money, I will just be here those two weeks, in Hollywood off Sunset Boulevard, trying not to spend a dime.

That's my holiday...

Okay, I have been this wretch now for way too long.

There has to be something celebratory about this. Yes, for about a week and a half the streets around here are eerily empty during holidays. So many people in L.A. are from somewhere else, the city slows down to a stop over Christmas, it's walk down the middle of the street on Sunset Boulevard on a Thursday afternoon during rush hour, in the middle of the street, there will be NO CARS.

Okay, that's something to be grateful for.

And when so many people in America are unemployed, I'm swamped with jobs.

Reality TV, a thriving industry right now...

Expect to see Omarosa seduced by seven hot black men as she selects her soul mate for The Ultimate Merger. That's the kind of stuff I have to keep my head in ten to twelve hours a day right now.

I'd rather be writing about pedophile priests...

I'm so lucky I can cram three weeks work into one so the network executives can take a trip over Christmas. Today it's a Discovery Health Channel show called Accidental Fortunes that I'm working on, a new show about what happens to people when they get sudden wealth, like finding a treasure in their backyard, or buying a painting for fifty cents at a flea market that turns out to be worth six hundred thousand dollars.


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