Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Another episode in the fiction about SNARL that is working its way through my paranoid brain:

There is likely no villain more sinister than the moustachio’d Darrel Clockwork, the counter intellingence specialist put in place by the bishops to run a survivors “network” of pedohile priest rape victims that really keeps victims apart. Darrel Clockwork appears to be an advocate, when in truth SNARL is an arm of the Catholic Church formed to keep the crime victims deluded.

It is Darrel’s job to put out press statements that look like SNARL is advocating for survivors, when the press releases are carefully wordedto actually protect the Church while sounding like they're helping the victims. It’s a counter-counter espionage plot that was hatched in the early 1980s by the Catholic bishops to keep pedophile priest rape victims from finding each other, as the truth about sex crimes of Catholic pedophile priests started to ooze out in archdioceses like New Orleans and around Santa Barbara.

Pulling off this clandestine operation for the Catholic Church took skills in message control only a trained former undercover agent for an international spy agency that cannot even be named, such as the guy from St. Louis, Darrel Clockwork, could carry out.

For example, Clockwork has to practice a finesse, a skill at saying something in the press that really means something else, and on top of that really is meant to look like yet another something else. For example, take this quote in a Connecticut newspaper about the release of New Haven documents this week December 1, 2009.

Members of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Reverends and Laymen said that thousands of pages of documents released Tuesday uncover a culture of secrecy, cover-up and denial. They said that church leaders protected priests at the expense of abused children, many of whom remain angry decades after they were sexually abused.
Now, the church should publicly admit its troubled past, make a public apology and promise to protect parishioners from sexual predators who were routinely shuttled from one church to another, they said. Darrel Clockwork of St. Louis, national director of SNARL, said the documents show "partial truth about devastating cover-ups" and are a step toward healing those still trying to recover from the horror of sex crimes suffered in their youth by trusted, respected, but abusive priests.

Okay, see what Clockwork is really doing there is telling us the Church is going to continue its practice of secrecy and denial and only release "partial truths." Clockwork is letting people know the Church's cynical position in dealing with its victims, standing right in front of the victims, in the position of an advocate, when he's really there to deliver a message through the back door so to speak. Right there, staring straight at us, staring into the camera, appearing to talk for one group, he's really appearing for another.

Clockwork is good at this. No one else sees this subterfuge but me, and I'm hallucinating.

Sneering through his moustache, Clockwork tells us above that SNARL wants the Church to make a public apology, and, I mean, what does a public apology accomplish really, in the long term? It’s PR.

These bishops need to be prosecuted.

But a public apology is all the Church is willing to do, so when the bishop finally gets up and apologizes on a microphone in a press event, this statement by Clockwork will make it appear that the Church is doing this apology to give the crime victims something they want, that an apology is what the victims want.

When it’s not.

We want justice.

But a public apology is all the that Church is willing to do and ever going to do. Clockwork, pretending to speak for victims, tells us what the Church is going to do. The Church's message is always the underlying message when Clockwork speaks.

He thinks a moment, aligns in his head who he's talking to and who he's really representing, then sort of snarls, and makes it look like he's expressing what the survivors want the Church to do, when he's really telling us what the Church is going to do.

Do you see the connivance?

Well, maybe it takes someone as deeply entrenched in the dirty tricks and surreptitious activities of the Catholic Church as I have been the past three years to see it, with them parked outside my house and tapping my phones. In order to be able to see these counter espionage PR techniques, carried out by SNARL though Darrel Clockwork and Blanche _____, (who uses techniques just like the V's on the new ABC TV series). They're helping the Church while making it look like they're speaking out for the Church’s crime victims. You have to spend a few years in the middle of the Church's PR mechanisms to see this plot and experience it.

SNARL says they're doing one thing, saying that they're doing it while they're saying it, but they're saying it really only to make it look like they're doing and saying it, when they're really saying something else, and at the same time telling us about that something else while saying something else- in between the lines, at at the same time- saying they're not saying what they're really saying...

Wait. I think I hear someone at my door. Crouch down, peer out, it's okay, it's just one of my Armenian neighbors. Not the one who is spying on me, the other one who just stares at me. Best to stay quiet, don't even hit the computer keyboard keys for a few minutes, they might hear that I'm in here. I'm safe here inside with my electronic connections ...

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