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It has been about keeping survivors under control and a lid on the story from the very beginning

And I don't care who reads this, I am not angry anymore that SNAP last month held a press conference based on a story that I BROKE in the news, about Gus Krumm and SNAP did not even link people to my story, which was three posts of information about Krumm. Instead in their press release that goes to god knows how many people, SNAP linked to Gustavo Arrellano's column about Krumm, which was maybe two paragraphs of information.

(All posts here at City of Angels 2 are in editing phase, not yet final.)

It proves what I've had a horrible inclination to think now for a long time, that SNAP is the opposite of a network, they put themselve out in public as a voice for survivors, when really from the very beginning in the 1980s SNAP's role has been to keep the survivors herded and under control, and to keep a lid on the story of pedophile priests as it broke across the country.

SNAP told me, when it was so hostile to me in late 2006, to start something on my own, and I did. And they don't even take the small networking step of linking the City of Angels stories on their web site, then hold an entire press event based on a story that broke in City of Angels and not mention City of Angels?

This is a pattern. They step into the middle of whatever a survivor starts on their own, claim control of it, then do nothing with it. That's what happened to A Matter of Truth in Boston, everything anyone tried to organize on the SNAP message board before it got destroyed, and now they're doing it to City of Angels. It's the opposite of networking, opposite of support, it puts SNAP out looking good to the public, when the survivors get pushed down into the back made to keep quiet.

SNAP's treatment of survivors who do things on their own outside SNAP is strange and inexplainable, unless you just accept it that SNAP is not a network and they do not want to empower or give voice to victims, but really are carrying out more of the Church's work.

They are not what they say they are.

I've reached out an arm of communication over and over to SNAP only to get snarled at and slapped back over and over. But it's always been hard to identify, hard to explain to another person.

Now, here is proof in living electronic media with date and time stamps, anyone can see it as it happened. SNAP did Not link to City of Angels, instead took a dribble of the information released by City of Angels, held their own media event, and did not mention City of Angels as the place where the story broke.

To me it's PROOF of what I've suspected for so long, that SNAP is not what they say they are. It just makes me cringe to think what they really might be.

For the last year I've covered local SNAP events, plastered their pictures all over my blog, spread their message. Then they come to the L.A. area for a press event based on information released at City of Angels, and act as if City of Angels Blog is not even here.

If SNAP was a genuine organization that cared about the victims, City of Angels would be thriving right now, not ignored. We should all be working together, and we would be if we had a genuine common goal. But SNAP always keeps itself separate, operating in its own place, with no input from the ground up.

The few individuals who have started blogs on their own around the country have no central network, no access to the support that is in place, when there should be a network of all the Blogs in place. SNAP just keeps leafleting.

If we genuinely connect up at a national level, how will the Church be able to control the message?

Something is very wrong at the root of this organization that actually slaps down survivors, in a backdoor manner, where other people don't see it, but enough people have shared similar experiences with me for me to know it hasn't just happened to me, and now here they've done it where anyone can see it.

Only action SNAP endorses is within their own template: Hold a press event, read a statement, leaflet, leave town. And the leafleting is always done across from a church property where the bishops can watch everything that's said and done.

I think SNAP is the real reason the story about an epidemic of pedophiles in the church with thousands of victims has Fizzled across the country instead of broken in every news media outlet like bombshells.

Because they are not what they say they are.

They managed to keep a lid on the story by having us all stand behind them while they released a pre-written pre-approved message to the public. All of us were in too much shock to stop it while it was going on.

Who has really been writing the agenda?

Hopefully genuine grass roots activists can pick up the broken pieces and still get some real results, but as survivors, we are still out here all floundering around on our own, with no support and no network.

City of Angels is living proof.

SNAP is not a network and is not about empowering or giving voice to victims. Now the rest of us need to look and see what else SNAP is lying about.

HERE is what I originally wrote Nov. 16 about the experience in a fiction piece because what I think they really are is so bizarre I have to treat it like my imagination, what I wrote about "SNARL" when this happened:

Why did SNARL hold a press event and link to the OC Weekly for the story, when the story really broke, in depth, in a blog written by a Survivor, me. Here is the breaking story about Gus Krumm written by me yesterday, after breaking the story in an Extra the previous Thursday (But I was too busy on my other two jobs to be able to write the whole story).

And here is the announcement SNARL sent out the day after City of Angels put up the in depth story about Gus Krumm. SNARL instead links people to Gustavo at the OC Weekly, who wrote 3 paragraphs on the topic. SNAP never mentioned that a very vocal and articulate member of this crime victims "community" covered the story in depth, here is how to contact her. Here it is in their own words, the opposite of support or networking for victims:

Members of SNAP and supporters will be having a media event today. If you can make it, please email NAME & ADDRESS REDACTED hope to see you there in support of the victims of Fr. Gus Krumm.
Outside the Orange County Catholic Diocese Headquarters2811 East Villa Real Drive (at Nohl Ranch) in Orange
Tuesday, November 24, 2009 at 10 am
Gustavo Arrellano's Column (at OC Weekly)

The SNAP website says they "give voice to victims" yet in their release, they link to the OC Weekly instead of a story written by a victim. They don't acknowledge the days of work that went into doing that story, by me, a victim, about Gus Krumm.

Come to think of it, if SNAP was really a national support network, I'd be thriving right now, I shouldn't have to do two part time jobs to support City of Angels. There are things wrong here on so many levels in so many different ways...

I think this stopped being fiction a while back...

SNAP announced a press event using news released by an active hard working survivor, and did not even attribute or credit me, the hard working survivor, or every mention City of Angels anywhere.

It leaves a survivor on the ground, perplexed,

It makes you end up wondering...

SNAP to me is a sheer wall of support that is really a hologram that lets the victims fall through to the ground while appearing to outsiders to be a solid support. It's a lot like the holograms on V on ABC on Tuesday nights... a lot like that...

The end result is the network of support is not really there. Though everyone thinks they see it from the outside, in the middle of it, there really is no network, and no support.

Originally posted here:

Monday, November 16, 2009

Am I jealous, paranoid, prophetic, or do I have incredibly skewered insight? I have to start posting these feelings somewhere, so here goes...

Like all posts here at City of Angels 2, in editing stages... This post is fiction based on a hallucination that will not go away, and that as a result makes it impossible for me to function in the "pedophile priest crime victim-survivor community" ... (Note to editor: Needs to be more intriguing, and find a better funnier name than SNARL)... Continued:

Something is not right here.


That above post includes documents I have, just because I do City of Angels. One shows SNAP was originally incorporated under a Catholic organization in Chicago called Eighth Day Center for Justice, which may not really be that hot an upload. Still I posted it because I felt it should be posted. Also someone hand delivered me a stack of financial papers that I don't really understand, but I think they reveal something or he wouldn't have delivered them to me and begged me to post them. Those documents are also all posted at:


I don't know how this could be fiction, or my imagination, as far reaching and unbelievable as it may seem, from my perspective, SNAP being a counter intelligence effort from the start, in the Church's plans to handle the pedophile priest "problem" is all that makes any sense.

Sorry, folks, that's just what I see...


PS I did not send child porn to people on Facebook. Someone picked up my photo, opened an account using my photo, and sent child porn to people on Facebook making it look like I did it.

Facebook of course never even responded. I closed my Facebook account months ago. But anyone who can read what I write here and think I could send out child porn is not paying attention.

And if you think criticizing SNAP is bad for the "survivor community," look again. The "community" doesn't exist and the "movement" has not done that great. The public has NOT gotten this story.


I would love to hear from someone who could convince me this is totally wrong. Instead most people I'm hearing from as I pour this out are telling me, yeah, I've been thinking the same thing...

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