Friday, June 18, 2010

Trust Your Instincts, Not a Press Release

The entire way that SNAP and the structure around it responded to its criticism here at city of angels was counter intuitive to how a legitimate support organization for crime victims would have responded.

If what I was reporting was incorrect, they would have communicated with me, explained to me where I was wrong.

Instead they made sure as few people heard what I had to say as possible.

They attacked me, shunned me, and locked me out, but they never just explained to me or anyone else where my observations were incorrect.
To me their very reaction to a survivor who used to be a member asking questions and pointing out things that are not right SHOWS what I reported was true. They were set up to create an image of support for survivors, while down here on the ground we were really being shut down and shut up.

So I'm off to the movies again

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