Monday, June 28, 2010

Moderating the Moderating

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The Perp who got to me and my sister was in the BA database and then was removed when their policy changed. So I am living proof also that there are perps who are not in the database, even though they've been accused in public and in my cases, several times on my blog.
Our perp Thomas Barry Horne from Bartlett Illinois was removed because no "mainstream" news organization has named him as a perp. But most news orgs will not name him if his name is not on BA.
Problem overall and not just in clergy sex abuse cases is the whole world is run in a way to avoid lawsuits, avoiding lawsuits has become everyone's top priority.
Screwiest result is that "mainstream media' has more credibility than one of the victims blogging, because they have lawyers basically, no other reason.
Nothing is perfect in the USA today, so just keep going forward and don't get stuck, that's how I deal with all of this.

Here is the original post, don't know if this comment will be approved or not:

It's so hard not to sound paranoid when trying to describe how the Catholic Church beats down the crime victims of its pedophile epidemic. I mean, the public, even most of the advocates, only see the part that is meant to be seen. And your only way to explain it to a therapist or cop is "It's a conspiracy run out of The Vatican," which immediately categorizes you as an aluminum foil head reflector wearer.

The damage control on the issue of pedophiles in the Catholic Church, overseen and abetted by the Vatican, has been monumental, and some of it slickly under the radar. So anyone trying to point it out immediately sounds like a blithering paranoiac, just because it's the Vatican and the Pope and Church hierarchy who are the perpetrators.

Basically, no other news on this issue has gone out than what has gone out. If a story breaks in the mainstream, then it is fodder for both the nonprofits and the Church to acknowledge.

The end result is no accusations are recognized until they are so public they have to be recognized.

A bishop's testimony opens up and includes new facts AFTER evidence comes out proving those new facts. SNAP holds press conferences AFTER public docs are filed in lawsuits so AFTER the story has already broken. (My favorite were two recent SNAP press conferences to announce new lawsuits against an Archdiocese but Not Publicly Naming the Accused Perpetrator Priest.)

Even BishopAccountability, who appear to be real heroes in this movement, only documents charges and priests AFTER they are public information already in the public domain and documented.

The way things stand now, the Church AND the advocates never reveal more than is already revealed.

And I am living proof that there are stories being shot down and buried, voices being shut up and stifled, and obstruction of justice on several different layers in the pedophile epidemic in the Catholic Church.

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