Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Because I came out of nowhere starting CofA Blog in Jan 2007, for a short period I had a unique perspective on what happened in the pedophile priest survivor "movement." As a result I saw patterns and heard stories that those doing "damage control" did not want any journalist to see.  I published what I saw and got blacklisted and sabotaged, a campaign that is still going on today.  Needless to say, the true story of pedophile priest crime coverups in the United States has not been told, because the very persons who are supposed to be advocating for us were really working for the Church. Their resources are so extensive, it's useless for me to continue doing journalism on this topic. I know SNAP will step in and nullify it. That's what they do. Nullified is best way to describe how the pedophile priest story broke from Boston to Australia and look who has been "in charge" the whole time. No bishops have been indicted for aiding and abetting felonies that cross state and national boundaries, even with evidence in lawsuit documents from past two decades. The survivors are dispersed, disconnected, and defused. Thousands of sex crimes against children went unpunished while the perpetrators and their enablers are still community leaders.  And for me, this is the story that will not go away.

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