Friday, May 14, 2010

What's Going On Right Now

K: I'm real sick, so try to do everything by email these days.

Q from several readers: How much does a doctor charge out there? Do they have any walk-in clinics? If so, what do they charge? Also what is the cost of your meds, not including the medical weed?

K: I go to the L.A. Free Clinic and they did enough lab work to know I need more tests that they don't have resources to do. They referred my case to County for a colonoscopy and County did not even ever call to set up the appointment. Your case, your file, all get lost in the chaos. Thousands of people needing help and no one to give it.

All the free and sliding scale things that used to exist in L.A. for low income people are almost gone. Thanks to my weird job where I make a lot by the hour but there is only about 10 hours of work a week, I'm barely paying my rent and bills, no cash at all left.

There is a place that does "discount" colonoscopies for $650. Good for them.

Charity has disappeared from American life. Even the food banks have no food. It's america today. i'm hoping the bowel problem is just PTSD and so just trying to clean up my diet. Do Yoga. Free health care available if can you learn how to breathe and do Yoga, all you need is a towel on the floor.

You can go crazy comparing your life to other people's, or get more sane. At least I did not pay into an insurance policy that was now turning down my treatment, as so many other people have.

I'm trying to just say, it doesn't matter. It's only a few years shaved off my life. Other people have it much worse. I could have died numerous times before and instead I still lived. So this is bonus time already.

Now I'm real sick and I still have to work and keep my bills paid as well. Everything sucks right now. Since I work at home, no one notices how sick I am.
Oh, one more thing. i tracked down a new federal program, tracked down a U.S. Nurse working on the new Federal program to stop colon cancer. Guess what they do:


The U.S. Government Nurse called me back and wanted to talk my ears off about how important it is to get a colonoscopy but they can't tell you where you can get one without insurance.

I had to beg her to hang up finally, because i was on deadline and had to get back to work, didn't have free time to chat, as did this salaried, insured, government nurse.

I'm almost glad i'm dying early... this country sucks today. I used to be patriotic, I fucking served in the Navy for a while, not long enough for Veteran's benefits, just long enough to act out like a priest rape survivor and be put on "inactive" status until my discharge.

What can a person do? If i bitch and moan all i'll get is bitch and moan karma. there is no help out there. Just don't let me get too far away from a toilet, and I'll make it to the end.

Thank god I can still at least buy legal weed now and then to make it less horrible

PS: The L.A. Free Clinic keeps giving me free antidepressants. I can't take them, they give me heart palps. But I think it's weird that they will give me armloads of free antidepressants, but can't get me diagnostic tests. I keep telling them, these pills make me feel like I'm going to have a heart attack, and they still keep giving me these "reuptake inhibiting tricyclics" or whatever they are. I throw them away after three days as the palps are scary.

It's like the government (or someone) wants me to die.
(Don't trust anyone, the V's are everywhere. Sit still and breathe.)

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