Monday, May 24, 2010

We are Under Attack by a Foreign Oil Company, Ecological War, After Last Year a Financial Attack.

They won’t let us know what they're doing or how much oil is pouring in. They're not letting the U.S. government in to monitor or take any action. The dispersant is actually pouring more toxicity into the Gulf of Mexico and they're refusing to stop using it.

This is War, people. We are under attack by a foreign entity. They got to us last year electronically with the disappearance of trillions of dollars from the American economy, that people have not yet really grasped.

Now this attack on our coastlines and with full force in the Gulf, and they are using the item that makes them despise us the most to attack us, the oil that fuels our lifestyle, ten times better than anyone else’s in the world.

People, we're being attacked. They're not letting us onto the place where the attack took place.

In 1980 I joined the Naval Air Reserve, mostly because of a confused compulsion I had to be around people in high places, astronauts on my job in Houston, and Naval pilots on my drill weekends. When I got to Naval Air Station New Orleans, I found about half the units there, drilling and serving fulltime, were doing Intelligence work.

All wide eyed innocent and Annie Fannie, I asked, why do we need so much intelligence here on the Gulf Coast of Louisiana?

They informed me, there’s a huge amount of oil under the Gulf of Mexico, huge amounts that people don't even comprehend, and as a result, the Gulf of Mexico was one of our most vulnerable places for attack.

But it was 1980 and everyone knows they will never attack on U.S. land. Right?

The amount of oil in the Gulf and all the intelligence around it was a quiet thing, known to this community that drilled in buildings on the air base that I never got to go into. This humongous amount of oil that-

In the last two decades of privatization Americans have insanely allowed to be drilled, with no real oversight. Huge careless mile deep suction devices stuck into this vast sea of oil under the Gulf that used to be a high priority for Naval Intelligence.

Then, oh what a surprise, one explosion at the bottom of an unmonitored deep drilling device, and toxic oil is pouring into the Gulf and eventually the ocean.

Will we ever know what caused the explosion that caused this well to become the worst disaster in American history? Why did this drilling device explode, when there have been other wells deeper and more dangerous operating from off shore platforms all over the world now for decades?

There are a lot of unanswered questions. I'm beginning to feel eerily that this is too much like a sci fi movie, the part where the government is keeping the people from knowing what is really happening. Only it’s not our government doing it, it’s this foreign oil company.

Uh, Ocean Temperatures?

ONE MORE THING has anyone thought about how much it’s going to contribute to the rising temperature of the ocean, when the summer sun starts to beat down on all the oil that's coagulating in the Gulf of Mexico right now, along with the billions more gallons that are pouring in? In fact, oil spills are a large part of what caused ocean temperatures to get hotter recently, now the temperature of the ocean will be increase tenfold.

It brings to my mind images of artists' renderings of Venus, with its boiling ocean of toxic elements...

In California, we've had sloppy oil drills and barges pouring oil onto our coastline for decades, most of the leakage owned by foreign oil companies.

The ship that decimated the coast off San Francisco November 2009 was owned by a company in Dubai. And the press totally snoozed through that disaster.

I think it’s time we all wake up and realize, we have been attacked, first economically and now ecologically.

And the fact that Bobby Jindahl is even waiting for a permit first to build barrier islands off the coast of Louisiana is just another sign of how much our system has broken, that allowed us to be vulnerable and to be attacked in this way.

It’s war, people. We have to start realizing there is an enemy doing this to us.

Meanwhile, I’d say get away from coastlines, if you want to survive.

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