Monday, June 10, 2013

I believe U.S. Catholic bishops manipulated crime victims as well as the media to stop the story of pedophile priests from emerging anymore than it had to.  They invented SNAP to appear as activists for "survivors" when its true purpose was to stifle activism and keep grass-roots organizing from taking place. 

Nullification.  SNAP's purpose last two decades in the U.S. was to nullify any work victims did on their own locally.  SNAP would show up, take over, and then the local project would fizzle and disappear.  With few exceptions, SNAP prevented the scandal from emerging in the U.S., while the 2-3 people who run SNAP nationally stood up in front of cameras claiming to represent the victims. 

Today little bits of evidence support what my experience showed me,  that SNAP is counter-intelligence, created by  U.S. Catholic bishops in the mid-1980s to manage the pedophile priest issue as news of it broke, and to keep the crime victims under control. SNAP is the ubiquitous Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests.  They don't provide a network or support.  

They run Damage Control  I know.  I was doing damage and I got controlled. 

Posts below were written as events took place.  From the time I started City of Angels Blog in 2007, SNAP was sabotaging me.  I finally realized what they were and wrote it in a post Feb 2010 and became blacklisted and shunned, honest, it was almost medieval.  The posts below still stand the test of time; but they also show my confusion as the incidents took place, so these posts now serve as a rough first draft for a story of intrigue, deception, subterfuge, and reckless disregard for the lives of a hundred thousand crime victims of pedophile priests, on the part of U.S. Catholic bishops and their agents.  

No way I'm going to drop this story, as so many have tried to make me do.  it just may take a few years to polish it and produce it, but I will keep writing it.   -ke  

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