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Yikes! Ann Coulter and Me on the same Cover (I was so confused those days)

I just realized (Oct 2011) there is another Human Life Review story I wrote in the 1990s that I did not copy in yet here. I will add it soon to this post even if I have to find the original and scan it over. -ke)

Packing to leave L.A. I found an article I got published in Human Life Review in 1992 in a file cabinet, here is the cover, article scanned in below:

Ryan Bingham is so right when he says, "Moving is Living," in the George Clooney movie "Up In The Air."

My file cabinet is now empty. I'm about to move to Albuquerque to write about Servants of the Paraclete, and then go to points onward, to blog about pedophile priest crimes all over the country. So I have to keep my load light, scan in memorables, then trash them, like the story below I wrote for Human Life Review Spring 1992, and I see now, I shared the cover with an up and coming conservative journalist Ann Coulter.

Yikes! I shared the cover of a conservative review with Ann Coulter in 1992: The apex of my confused era, before I realized it was the sexualization by a Catholic priest at age five that had screwed me up, not the feminist movement as I was trying to explain in muddled free lance articles I was writing at the time to support me and Lizzie, who was then about three years old.

Last week, cleaning up, packing, I found this story among several I got published in HLR when we were living in the woods of Northern California.

This was the period before my daughter turned five when we lived in an environment sterile with isolation. After the episode described in the article, I got clean and sober, then after two more years, my daughter turned age five. Then I remembered what happened to me when I was age five, that had made me this compulsive person from age five on.

The months right before the repressed memory came in and totally changed my life, I was writing all kinds of weird political essays, trying to find some explanation in social sciences for the mess my life was in.

One result was this story published in Human Life Review, below from spring 1992, which I forgot about until I just now found it, with me promoted on the cover along with another pretty much unknown writer at the time, Ann Coulter. HLR asked me to write a response to the Susan Faludi book Backlash, as I was in the "pro life" movement at the time.

To this day I hate abortion, but today I realize the medical procedure has to be legal for women's protection and health, and am glad I have never personally been faced with a question of whether to get one. Right after Lizzie was born though, after so many people chided me for not getting an abortion as a forty year old single mom, I got adamant and anti-abortion for a period, even went to demonstrations and sought out work writing on the topic, hence the relationship with Human Life Review:

Here is the story on Susan Faludi's book Backlash from HLR, more to come:

So glad I lived long enough to find out what the real cause of my problems was, and as a result, have this incredible story of pedophile priests in the Catholic Church to write... God is good, and all that jazz.

How did I end up writing for HLR to begin with?
First, this article ran in Newsweek. I was trying to find a humorous way of blaming the world for my horrible circumstaces, and decided it was all feminism's fault, or at least thought it would be funny to say so, didn't really believe it, didn't believe anything at the time, I was so lost in these years. First the Newsweek piece I wrote that started the whole thread in HLR.

Newsweek piece November 1991

The Newsweek piece led to a relationship that developed between me and Human Life Review, through degrees of separation that may come up some other place in this story at City of Angels 2.

Next assignment I had for Human Life Review was a story on the way the world reacted to the above Newsweek piece, which is scanned and posted at Yikes Part 2 at CofA2

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