Monday, September 20, 2010

Another Eerie Thing found as I pack, from Austin c. 1975

Going through files been carrying around for a long time, as I have to thin my load, I'm soon getting on the road. Found this, which eerily reveals facts about the "Taken" incident I wrote about on this blog here a few months back. These pages I found as I pack to move, reminded me of two more incidents that I haven't revisited on these pages.

So revealing of the effects being sexualized by a priest at age five had on my life, for decades. What gave me shivers as I read this was the "How Do I Forget" stuff at the end of page 2... and everything in between.

THE RAPE BY FIVE INDIANS was on Mount Shasta 1969, in one of the other many times I've run away from L.A. From there it was Boulder for the Holy Man Jam (see previous post), which landed me in Texas. There was this transition I went through while I was in college in Austin. It seems to begin in this note to myself.

It had to do with realizing my sexuality was so different from most people, and trying to live with it.

I was so lonely and out of place in Texas.

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