Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Here is how to ask SNAP for their financial documents:

For a copy of financial papers from SNAP 2007, 2008, email


Here in the SNAP Annual report under the pie chart

At the bottom of a list, in about

2 point type but it's there...

Email snapadmin1@gmail.com for financial documents from 2008, and I assume 2007.

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  1. Kay, here is a comment I wanted to puty on your site but I couldn't.....I signed it AZ

    AMEN KAY!!!

    Thanks for speaking the truth so clearly.

    Asking SNAP to be forthcoming and accountable is utterly reasonable as they do ask the public for donations and they are a 501C charity and therefor required to do so anyway.

    This nonsense about how anyone who does this is just out to destroy SNAP or being anti-survivor is patently absurd.

    Indeed, it is SNAP's failure to be upfront with it's financial issues that is at the crux of the issue, NOT in your pointing this fact out.

    SNAP has taken in over a million dollars in some years to support survivors, but continually fails to articulate publicly how it spends the money it gets from these donations.

    The time for SNAP to disclose it's finances is way overdue. If they refuse to do so, why should anyone continue to donate until they do?

    SNAP has what....3 or 4 paid employees? A million bucks per year should go considerably beyond paying the salaries of these people and the overhead costs of an office for a staff of that size...should it not?

    Time for SNAP to disclose where the money goes....or stop asking for it.

    Survivors do not need to be exploited by anyone...ever, it is crucial to regaining trust.

    SNAP should be very eager to disprove even the slightest hint of using survivors, and or the issue of clergy sex abuse to just pull down a good living. But so far they aren't. It is as though they are above reproach or question and to many survivors they are just that.

    SNAP can do what every other 501c has to do...by law, and release their tax returns. They should be linked on their website. This is totally reasonable. Why aren't they? No one seems to know, not even David Clohessey, SNAP's number two behind Barbara Blaine. I for one find that unacceptable.



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